Everything in the Snöleo Golf Academy is written by me, Petter Tärbe. I'm a former decent scratch player and teacher with career low score of 64 that has made it my life mission to understand the swing and to share my knowledge. I just love this topic and this game. I hope you enjoy it!

Swing Change in Golf

How do you actually go about changing your swing? It's not easy but it's EASIER if you avoid the pitfalls of swing change.

  • How to Change Your Golf Swing? My change guide is all about creating a clear understanding and plan for your swing change. The polar opposite of just going on youtube and looking for click bait content.
  • Consistency in Golf? - This is an article all about understanding what consistency actually is and the perception of control.
  • Why Swing Change is Hard? - Here I look deep into the potential reasons for failure in swing change attempts. I have fallen into these pits myself...
  • Non Functional Techniques - This is all about creating an understanding of why I rule these out.

Golf Technique Frameworks/Protocols

Here I go deep in all frameworks that works for hitting the ball a long way with consistency. It's my own categorization (since no other exist). All of this is derived from deep studies. Tried and tested.

  • The Slingshot Golf Swing - Dustin Johnson, Cameron Champ, Will Zalatories, Victor Hovland among many others perform this style of swing.
  • The Hogan Golf Swing - Ben Hogan's foundations portrayed by Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Lee Westwood among countless more players.
  • The Old School Swingers Golf Swing - Bobby Jones heritage portrayed by the greats of Jack Nicklaus, Tom Weiskopf, Tom Watson, Payne Stewart, Fred Couples and even John Daly.
  • The MORAD 86 Golf Swing (TGM Foundation) - Mac O Grady's swing method that has inspired so many tour- and teaching professionals. Alex Norén, Grant Waite, Tommy Fleetwood and Max Homa showcase elements of these teachings.

Deeper Golf Technique Articles

Drilling deep into the golf nerd technique tunnels. Enjoy.

Playing Golf

There is a difference of being a range genius and a scoring machine. In the ideal world you are both...

The Physics of Golf

This section is all about what happens when you strike the ball? How can we make technology and physics help us.

  • How the Ball Flight Laws Works - in this page we go through the ball strike laws, some basic trackman stats, how lie angles affect your shot shape and finally how to deal with uneven lies.