Material Comparisons

We like to look on all types of material and do different comparsions from time to time.

Merino Wool Knowledge

This great material have many sides to it and we will do continuous studies to keep you in the loop. So far we have written the below:

  • Why Merino Wool? Our Overview of The Properties of Wool
  • What is Merino Wool? The Science Behind the Amazing Material
  • Organic Merino Wool? The Sustainable Alternative for the Aware Consumer
  • What is Mulesing? Why Mulesing Free Wool is the Natural Choice for the Animals
  • Upcoming topics will cover: Why can wool itch and why doesn't our material itch, How do you wash it and also Why Golf and Merino is such a good fit. We will also cover specifically Why you don't smell like sweat with Merino Wool and Why Quality Matters

Synthetic Materials

Obviously we are not big fans of synthetics and we might just get a little subjective but we try to keep it information based. We will cover these areas: