Sometimes you meet someone that you share common ground with and are motivated for the same reasons. That's us. We worked together for years and both had other ambitions than increasing shareholder value for companies we weren’t passionate about. 

We both were heavily invested in sustainability and at the time arguably even more in the game of golf. We both had performed basically all outdoor sports known to man and were astonished how little of the craftsmanship represented in the golf industry was developed from natural materials. Close to none. 

At the back of our minds questions started to stir about how some industries, including golf, continue to go gross negative on a global well-being scale, despite the humanistic incentive to turn towards sustainability - Why doesn’t a natural alternative exist in golf? Why is this massive industry totally sidestepped in terms of equipment and sportswear sustainability? 

The idea was born.  And we went to work.

The Foundational Solution

We had both become weary of greedy companies that just chase higher profits, whatever the cost. We were uncomfortable with the widespread green washing across the fashion and sports apparel industry. We wanted something different. Something that was inherently good and as a bonus could deliver great products.

Our company is founded on the principle that everything we do needs to have a gross positive impact on the world. If we can create products that outperform what already exists and on top of this replace something bad with something good, how cool would that be? 

And if we work with our passions, we know that we will pour pure dedication and love into everything that we do.

More than just Products

Again, everything we do, we hold against two requirements: it needs to outperform whatever already exists on the market and it needs to have a gross positive effect on the planet. We have just started and let’s put it like this. In an industry like golf, where sustainability and environmental focus still remain just a footnote, there is plenty of room for improvement.

If we can add value, we will try to do it. One of us has a deep background in the game, the other has a sustainable knowledge bank that is outshined by few. Therefore, you will see us spilling our guts about any area where we feel that you as a customer can get added value. Check out all topics in the footer.

We will communicate with blogs, social media and of course here on the website.

Petter Tärbe & Jon Kølle