A Sustainable Story

snöleo is a natural high-performance alternative to synthetic and unsustainable sports apparel.

Why we care

We live in a time where the world is facing the impacts of an extractive way of life; we are draining our planet’s natural resources without regenerating them and as a consequence nature’s balance is distorted.

Many of us feel a growing sense of urgency to turn the climate crisis around but it can be a bit overwhelming to take on all issues at once. By addressing a few impactful challenges at the time, collectively we can make a better and kinder future for our planet.

At snöleo, we do this through two things we love: nature and golf.

The snöleo alternative - bring back nature

We are currently seeing a positive shift towards making sportswear from natural fibers that are produced through low-environmental impact methods. However, global overproduction of synthetic and poor quality apparel still grows faster than clothes made sustainably from natural fibers.

Producing clothes more responsibly and buying less items than what we have become accustomed to are small but effective steps towards protecting the wellbeing of our planet and its life.

Nature just performs better

Our mission is to deliver uncompromisable high-quality clothes that are powered by natural materials, that outperforms synthetic fabrics, and that are produced sustainably, whilst protecting the natural world. This is a never-ending process, as we learn more about how to better care for our planet.

The snöleo

Snöleopard is Swedish for snow leopard. We chose the name snöleo as it is an exquisite animal with a performance-driven nature, dependent on a balanced ecosystem for its habitat and existence, and therefore making it incredibly susceptible to climate changes.

A collective force for good

We partner with companies and organisations who are driven by doing good for the sake of good for the planet.