Why Merino & Golf fit so well?

Natural Performance: Merino is a performer of the highest caliber. It's stretchy, super smooth, regulates temperature and maybe most importantly - it makes you SMELL LESS.

Superiour Quality: We make shirts that should last a long, long time. The finest yarn knitted in the highest quality. They cost a bit more but the quality is top nodge.

Ethics and Sustainability: The natural regenerative ZQ certified organic wool that we use is the polar opposite to the wasteful production of synthetic materials like Polyester.

Tailoring Merino for Golf

Increased Total Length: Slightly longer than normal. No need to show of your six pack with each swing. Easy to tuck.

Slightly Longer Sleeves: Swing your swing without feeling that the shirt becomes sleeveless on the top backswing position.

360 Stretch: You'll feel very comfortable both on and off the course with the soft stretchy material.

Why we only use Organic Merino Wool?

Animal wellbeing and regenerative agriculture are the top priorities for us. Sure, there exist cheaper options but we do this for the long haul with sustainability in our DNA.

All of our Merino is ZQ certified from farms on New Zealand. Of course it's mulesing free.