The Natural One Plane Framework

The Look

Dead Straight. Moe Norman didn’t miss a fairway in ten years and basically, all the greats just stood in awe when he hit golf balls. But not Bryson? Well, he has taken the foundational technique and added both his personalized equipment - and lately his power dimension to the framework.

In-Depth Description

This is the system of systems, constructed with a systemic approach from start to finish. Everything you do has a reason. Nothing is left to chance and for players that have a real perfectionistic way of life, this would truly be a great fit.

The setup looks weird to the normal eye. You basically preset impact conditions already before you start the motion. Making it as simple as possible would be the motto.

The backswing and the downswing use one plane and it makes sense. Keep It Simple, Right?

For more information go to the experts.

Experts With Material

There is one person that controls this domain and does it very well. He is called Todd Graves and has a complete system built around it. He does a great job of keeping Moe Norman’s legacy very much alive. You can dig deeper into the system on his website and his YouTube channel 

My Own Experience

I have tested this out and for sure it works great. It’s very far from how I was brought up playing golf so it felt a bit far stretched to change everything but it truly works. And it didn't take that much time to change into it.

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